Introducing the first CBD eye roller to market!


Cannamahila products are created by plant medicine women with certified organic ingredients and quality

Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD distillate from locally sourced, Colorado grown HEMP.

"Cannamahila cares about the LOVE that goes into the products. 

Where the hemp is grown, how it is grown and who’s energy goes into the product from seed to shelf. What makes these products unique is that the simple, organic plants, herbs, fungi and resins were carefully chosen to synergistically work together. It’s not just the CBD that makes my products work, it is the carefully selected ingredients." 

Kat King


Eye Roller

The CBD EYE ROLLER targets dark circles, puffiness and fine lines using a combination of frankincense and dandelion, both very powerful anti-inflammatory plants, Chaga mushroom, known for it's high melanin replacement which helps with discoloration and dark circles and CBD.

Available in two sizes:

10ml (250mg CBD) - $69.99

20ml (500mg CBD) - $129.99 


The CBD CALMING SALVE was created for total body cellular skin health, while also targeting the effects of dermatitis. This topical can also provide pain relief. It may be used as a spot treatment, body salve or face salve. 

Available in two strengths and two sizes:

4oz (300mg CBD) - $39.99

8oz (600mg CBD) - $74.99

ES 4oz (600mg CBD) - $64.99

ES 8oz (1200mg CBD) - $119.99

"Nurture Your Inner Nature"

“The CBD Salve made my Plantar Fasciitis forgettable for the first time in 2 years. If you have had this kind of heel pain, you know it's unbearable. Thanks for making something that  is legal and works like a charm!”

—Kristen Eartha Bright

Davis, CA

“Great line of anti-inflammatory cbd skincare. Highly effective and highly recommended.”

— Brendan Butler


"Mahila means 'She Knows' and from a holistic health perspective this is the perfect reflection of the restorative formulation in CannaMahila’s 'CBD Calming Salve', containing powerful compounds from Hemp, Dandelion, Chaga and Frankincense – A CBD potion that also turned out to be a blessing in disguise when I burnt ruthlessly after forgetting to pack my non-toxic sunscreen on a trip to sunny Puerto Rico.
A particularly fascinating component of this salve is the addition of Chaga Mushroom – a soothing medicinal plant for restoring skin inside-and-out because of it’s high concentration of Superoxide and it’s intensive melanin replacement. Diamatuse (SOD), a key cellular antioxidant for cell-defense and skin repair. Chaga is also known for it’s high melanin replacement properties.
So, with hot flaming skin I was still suffering severely on the second, third and even on the forth day applying this salve … but then on the 5th day something happened, my skin started to return to its normal state of calm and cool. CannaMahila had worked its magic with a little bit of help from the mushroom and plant kingdom, and I have a new favorite for my herbal medicine cabinet."  
-Cici Dunn
 Hoodlab: Hoodlamb World Agent