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katherine(kat) king

Kat King is the Founder/CEO of Cannamahila. Based out of Colorado, she offers a variety of media services and strategic advisory services for the cannabis industry. With a passion for plant medicine, infusions and formulations, Cannamahila has recently launched a Certified Organic HEMP CBD SKINCARE Line. Each product is made with the purest quality, full spectrum, non-psychoactive, Hemp CBD Distillate.


King has dedicated over half of her life to the business of Cannabis, Film and Entertainment. During multiple years within the trifecta of these careers, she has gained a unique perspective with an unlimited amount of contacts within each facet. From growing cannabis in several locations for more than two decades, as well as advising, brokering and working symbiotically with legal dispensaries, laboratories and infusionists, Kat is quickly being sought out for her over all wisdom in this booming industry. In combining her skills and contacts as a film producer, creating and producing cannabis content has quickly become the focus of her time and energy outside of the Cannamahila product line. 

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Cannabis Industry Experience:

* Joined Boulder Hemp Initiative 1992

* 25 years of cultivation experience - indoor and outdoor growing, soil and      hydroponics

* Consultant / Advisor for two dispensaries in the City of Los Angeles 2006-      2008

* 2 years caregiver license in Colorado 2008 - 2010

* 1 year master grower for licensed facility 2013-2014

* 1 year project management for a celebrity cannabis branding company          2015-2016

* 4 years marketing director/ advisor for a potential marijuana town in              Colorado. Created and Produced one of the first Cannabis docu-series            “officially” shopped to any major networks - “Stoner, CO”  and “Stoner            University”  2013-2017.

* Joined NCIA in 2014

* 2 year Key Med Badge holder, Colorado 2016-2018

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